LPG cylinder subsidy not credited in your bank account? Here is how you can check on

LPG cylinder subsidy: Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) cylinder subscribers should be well aware that LPG cylinder price is decided month-on-month basis in India. Recently, the Narendra Modi Government has doubled the LPG cylinder subsidy money from Rs 153.86 to Rs 291.48 on LPG cylinder weighing 14.2 kgs. In fact, the Ministry of Petroleum has increased Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana gas cylinder subsidy from Rs 174.86 to Rs 312.48 during the lockdown.

Since, government has also started DBT (Direct Bank Transfer) to the beneficiaries. In this bid, they have made provision for Indane gas and other LPG gas consumers to pay the actual amount of the LPG cylinder and then the government will transfer the LPG cylinder subsidy into the bank account of the LPG consumer. 

However, many people do not check whether the LPG cylinder subsidy money has been transferred into their bank account. This is not correct. They should check this and it does not take too long either. In just a few minutes subscribers can know whether LPG cylinder subsidy money has been transferred into their bank account or not.

According to the Indian Oil Corporation Limited or IOCL website, the Indane Gas consumer need not visit bank to know whether the LPG Cylinder subsidy money has been credited into account or not. The Indane says subscribers can check the LPG cylinder subsidy money transfer using a mobile phone. They have suggested some steps to follow for the Indane and other LPG cylinder consumers, which is as follows:

1] Log in at;

2] On home page, you will get three LPG cylinder providers name and picture;

3] Click at your LPG cylinder vendor;

4] An interface on LPG cylinder subsidy transfer will get opened;

5] Go to its ‘Bar Menu’ and click at ‘Give your feedback online’;

6] Fill up your registered mobile number, LPG consumer ID, state and distributor’s details;

7] Then click at ‘Feedback Type’;

8] Choose ‘Complaint’ option and click at ‘Next’; and

9] A new interface will get opened that will contain your entire bank details where you can check your LPG Cylinder Subsidy transfer.

Hence, following the above-mentioned steps, one can check LPG cylinder subsidy money transfer in one’s bank account by devoting few minutes.

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