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Daily Health Horoscope : September, 05

Aries Health

Be careful while you are on the road today, whether or not you are the one who`s driving. Rash motorists will mean danger for you and you can also pose a danger to others on the road if you are not sensible with your driving. You must drive with a cool and rational mind and control your road rage. Overall this will not be a safe day for you if you want to travel. Avoid travelling if you can.

Taurus Health

Don`t venture close to deep waters today unless you are an expert swimmer. Injuries and accidents around water are indicated today. Only your strong swimming skills could save you from harm today, so it is best if you prevent accidents to begin with. Chances of you having an accident and getting into a touchy situation because of panic are high. It is better to be safe than sorry, so do not go for a swim today, either in the pool or a natural water body.

Gemini Health

You could be affected by an injury at this time so be careful around sharp objects. You might hurt yourself while working in the kitchen with sharp-edged knives. Alternatively, you might injure yourself with sharp machinery and tools used at the workplace. Be extra careful.

Cancer Health

Be wary of electrical goods and fire; you are accident-prone at this time. You need to take extra precautions today, as you have an increased tendency to injure yourself. Electrical goods like heaters and computers might give you an electrical shock, so be careful. Even while handling fire, be extra cautious. Keep water handy in case of emergency.

Leo Health

Be careful, you could injure yourself today through no fault of your own. Watch your step and just try to be mindful and careful while around other people. Be aware of your surroundings at all times. Be particularly careful while travelling as another person`s carelessness could mean a negative outcome for you. Obey all traffic laws today, keep under the speed limit and drive defensively. It`s better to be safe than sorry!

Virgo Health

Avoid getting too close to deep water unless you are an excellent swimmer. Water-related accidents are indicated today, so this is not the day for you to test the waters, literally and figuratively! Keep away from any deep body of water, natural or otherwise, as chances of your getting into trouble and then panicking are higher than normal. It would be better to be safe than sorry.

Libra Health

You may be feeling a slightly elevated stress level due to circumstances out of your control and you must do your best to moderate this condition. Otherwise you are generally in good health and surely you want to stay that way! Get a little exercise and enjoy the fresh air in order to keep a cool head and a calm mind.

Scorpio Health

Don`t mix drinking and driving or you may have cause for regret. Even if you feel completely competent to drive after a drink, avoid going behind the wheel. Chances of your being involved in a road accident are high today. So be careful; it`s better to be safe than sorry!

Sagittarius Health

Today be gentle with your muscles and back. Be careful while picking up heavy objects so that you do not sprain or strain the muscles in your back. Lift heavy objects properly, with your legs and not your back. These types of muscles problems are indicated today but can be avoided with mindfulness and proper lifting techniques. Do not do any rough and tumble activities or you could be setting yourself up for injury.

Capricorn Health

Take it easy today physically and don`t strain yourself as you are quite accident prone. Watch your joints and your muscles as problems can occur on either front. Light exercise is still worth doing, but don`t go in for any extreme sports today. If you`re bike riding then certainly wear a helmet today in order to avoid serious accident.

Aquarius Health

Beware minor injury today, as small problems and injuries are indicated. Watch your driving on the road and don`t be reckless. You can prevent not only problems that you would cause on the road, but you can also be defensive in your driving such that you can avoid collisions from others. This is a day to be mindful of your actions and you will escape without encountering too much hassle.

Pisces Health

Rising ambitions make you restless and brash and you might make someone unhappy in the process. Be careful of the toes you tread on-you never know when you might need those people again. It doesn`t hurt to be nice to people, so try to be kind and gentle today if you can.

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