Punjab Rafale: Check out this jet-shaped vehicle that runs at speed of 20km per hour

punjab rafale

The engine and gear of a Maruti car have been used in the ‘Punjab Rafale’ along with a new chassis.

New Delhi: Inspired by the Rafale fighter jets, Rampal Behaniwal, an architect from Punjab’s Bathinda has designed a jet-shaped vehicle that runs at 15 to 20 kmph on roads and named it the ‘Punjab Rafale’. 

The architect from Bathinda’s Ram Mandi has attracted a lot of attention over the web after pictures and videos of the vehicle went viral and many people even reached out to him as they wanted to see the vehicle on road.

News agency ANI quoted Behaniwal saying, “The vehicle cost me about Rs 3 lakh and will be displayed in my cultural park which will be launched soon. People who can’t afford to fly in an aircraft can fulfill their dream here to some extent.”

The name ‘Punjab Rafale’ is inspired by Rafale jets,” he added. The ‘Punjab Rafale’ is painted light blue and says ‘Ram Pal Airline’ on its ‘bonnet’, named after the architect. The vehicle has no roof, it has side view mirrors and is also equipped with a windshield. There are also a few stars painted at the back of the vehicle.

The vehicle is nine feet wide and 18 feet long. The engine and gear of a Maruti car have been used in the ‘Punjab Rafale’ along with a new chassis. It has four tyres – the front two are smaller, while the rear tyres are larger.

This 3 seater will go as fast as 20 kmph whereas Maruti can travel at 80 kmph. Behaniwas said that initially it will be a bit hard to drive this vehicle. If you drive daily and get used to it, then it will become easy to handle.

Earlier in 2019, Behaniwal had also designed a railway engine from scrap, which has been installed in the refinery of the township.

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