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What Causes Dark Spots and Pigmentation on Face

Our skin gets its natural color from a pigment called melanin.

We do all possible things to get spotless skin, but small dark spots still appear on our faces. To remove dark spots, people try different types of cosmetic products and home remedies. But getting dark spots is no easy task. Hence, it is imperative to know what causes dark spots, so that we can avoid them. Our skin gets its natural color from a pigment called melanin. Hormone fluctuations, medications, sun exposure may cause changes in melanin production, particularly on the face. This causes spots of hyperpigmentation which results in discoloration around the mouth.

Here are some of the reasons behind dark spots

 1. Longer screen time: If you remain in front of a mobile screen, laptop, and TV your skin will be affected. Long exposure of fluorescent light causes harmful effects on the skin. You may start observing spots of hyperpigmentation on your skin. In such a situation, use a lotion with SPF at home daily.

  1. Exfoliating too much: Exfoliating is the process of removing dead skin cells from the surface of your skin. However, excessive exfoliation can cause hyperpigmentation and also damage the skin causing dark spots on the face.
  2. Touching pimples: It is commonly observed that people  touch acne or pimples on their faces. This habit creates more problems for the skin and causes dark spots on the face.
  3. Not applying sunscreen: Many think that sunscreen should be used only if you want to go in the sun. It is advised that you should apply sunscreen all the time. Not only this, you should reapply sunscreen in 3-4 hours. Especially under the eyes and in sensitive areas to protect your screen from the sun’s heat.
  4. Not washing the face properly before sleeping: It is observed that many people do not wash their face properly before sleeping. The smallest dirt particles remain attached to the skin and cause hyperpigmentation. One should wash their face properly before sleeping for healthy skin.

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