Redmi Watch 2 launch today, here is what we expect its price in India to be

Xiaomi is set to launch the Redmi Watch 2 today in its home country, China. The new budget smartwatch from Xiaomi will be introduced alongside the Redmi Note 11 series and will come as the successor to the Redmi Watch that marked its debut in India earlier this year. As the sales of the first version in India suggest, buyers in the country are anticipating another great Redmi product from the house of Xiaomi.

Rightly so, as the teasers around the upcoming smartwatch have given us a lot to look forward to. We know that the Redmi Watch 2 will come with a larger display than the one we see on the Redmi Watch. While the first version came with a 1.4-inch display, the new variant will sport a 1.6-inch screen. What’s more, this one will be an AMOLED display this time, as opposed to the LCD screen we saw on the original model.

There are other upgrades too. For instance, the Redmi Watch 2 will sport narrower bezels this time, meaning a larger screen-to-body ratio. We also expect health features on the smartwatch that we also saw on the earlier model. These should include heart rate monitoring and sleep tracking, among others.

As can be seen, the Redmi Watch 2 will likely be a complete package for those looking for a capable smartwatch on a budget. Needless to say, many in India will be waiting for it post its launch in China today. However, don’t expect to see it in the country anytime soon. There is also a chance that Xiaomi will bring it to India as per the previous model’s timeline, meaning a launch in 2022.

Whenever it comes, what we know for sure is that the Redmi Watch 2 will carry an alluring price tag. If we were to take a guess at this price, the Redmi Watch 2 will likely be priced close to Rs 5,000 in India. This assumption takes into account the current price of the Redmi Watch in India as well as the predicted price of the Redmi Watch 2 in China.

You see, there are speculations that the Redmi Watch 2 will be priced at CNY 399 in China, which roughly equates to Rs 4,700. The price was apparently spotted on Chinese e-commerce website It is now being reported that the watch is even up for pre-orders in the country for CNY 50.

Considering that the Redmi Watch is priced at Rs 3,999 in India, an upgrade over it could easily bring the price of the new version to anywhere over Rs 4,500 to Rs 5,000. Since this price is usually more than what Xiaomi products are priced in the company’s home country, we expect a price tag of Rs 5,000 on the Redmi Watch 2 as and when it comes to India.

Of course, much of this assumption depends on the actual price of the Redmi Watch 2 in China as it launches today. We will be sharing the updates from the launch as and when they take place, so stay tuned to this space to keep on top of the launch events.

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