Viral Food Video: Man Makes Matka Dosa With Cheese & Mayonnaise, Desis Ask ‘Why, Just Why’ – Watch

Street vendor prepared matka dosa with a generous amount of cheese, mayonnaise and sauces in an earthen pot – Watch viral food video!

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Viral Food Video: Dosa is a delectable staple cuisine that is regarded as one of the healthiest foods in South India. The popular South Indian meal is a really nutritious food and tastes absolutely fantastic. What if we told you that the viral craze of trying to create strange fusions has returned, and this time they attacked dosa with Matka Dosa? In the viral food video, a street vendor made the stuffing with bell peppers, paneer, and tomato sauce, along with other seasonings. This combination is first tossed in a dosa tawa before being transferred to a dish. The dosa batter is placed into the pan and spread out before adding the vegetables, sauces, cheese, mayonnaise, spices, and water. The cooked stuffing is then put into a matka, followed by hot, freshly prepared dosa. A generous amount of shredded cheese was added to the freshly prepared dosa in the matka. The viral food video was shared by a Twitter user named Deepak Prabhu, who captioned it, “#MatkaDosa.”

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People expressed their disappointment in the comment section. Several users dropped thumbs-down emojis. One of the users asked, “Where do I lodge an FIR?” Another user wrote, “Why is every Indian food nowadays adulterated with this cheese stuff? It cud be much better without it.” The third one wrote, “Whhyyyyyy? Why do they do this with Dosa? It is such a simple dish which has been hijacked by these ‘innovators’ and destroyed.”

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