Fan Ordered 51 Coconuts From Swiggy To Manifest India’s World Cup Win

A man from Thane ordered 51 coconuts from Swiggy, believing it to be a ritual that would bring good luck and ensure India’s success.

The ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup Final between India and Australia took place in Ahmedabad’s Narendra Modi Stadium on Sunday. The crowd cheered loudly, wishing that the team would lift up the trophy. Cricket fans tried every manifestation technique to ensure that the match was in favour of the Indian team. Even though Australia won the finals, the efforts of many Indian fans are worth noticing. During this nail-biting encounter, a man from Thane ordered 51 coconuts from Swiggy, believing it to be a ritual that would bring good luck and ensure India’s success. This unusual action piqued the interest of many, eliciting curiosity across social media platforms.

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Swiggy, the food delivery app that has a quick grocery service section, Instamart, shared about the unique order on X. Notably, a user sarcastically suggested that he made the purchase and responded to Swiggy’s viral tweet. “Someone from Thane just ordered 51 nariyals!!! if it’s for finals, the World Cup is coming home for real,” Swiggy wrote in his post on X.

The person who apparently placed this manifestation order replied to the tweet saying, “haan bhai yeh someone from thane bhi main hi hoon, 51 nariyal for unreal manifestation (Yes, I am that someone from Thane. 51 coconuts for unreal manifestation).” The image attached to the post depicts 51 coconuts on a steel plate, with a television in the background displaying the match.

Witnessing the results of the match and how it went, many netizens said, “Nariyal kaam nai kar rahe. Agarbattiyaan hi mangalo please,” “Don’t break it on the TV” some were hopeful during the match and replied, “Saare manifestations ka credit isko jaana chahiye.”

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Apart from this, Swiggy also posted a photo of a person holding closed hands in front of a cat, asking it to choose the World Cup winner. The cat was shown smelling the person’s fists before leaning towards the right fist and choosing India. “Asked my cat who’s going to win today…guess we have a clear answer,” wrote Swiggy.

Swiggy even went so far as to post an image of fafda, dhokla, jalebi, and khandvi and said that’s all yellow Indians need to support on the Match Day hinting at Team Australia jersey colour. “Good morning! This is the only yellow we are supporting in ahmedabad today.”

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